Betta Smaragdina spadetail 2019 breeding project 1

Picture of betta Smaragdina

(repost)Welcome to my breeding project for the Betta Smaragdina spadetail in 2019. As the new year begins, I have a list of plans for my betta fish breeding projects. My focus will be on breeding original wild betta fish and experimenting with crossbreeding within wild betta families.

I am currently keeping several types of wild betta fish such as Betta Smaragdina, Siamorientalis, Mahachai, Splendens, Stiktos, and Imbellis, with most of them coming from two countries. The Imbellis is native to my country, and I aim to maintain a stock of these beautiful wild bettas while also developing new lines based on wild betta bloodlines.

The first 2019 Wild Betta Breeding Project: Betta Smaragdina Spadetail

For my first breeding project of the year, I have chosen to focus on breeding the original Betta Smaragdina. I have selected the most visually stunning wild Betta Smaragdina with a spadetail in my collection for the male. The female for this project will be an ordinary Betta Smaragdina.

Picture of female Smaragdina
Picture of female 2

Breeding Style: Multiple Females for One Male

When it comes to breeding betta fish, I prefer to use a technique of 2 females for every 1 male for the mating process. This method tends to produce more babies than traditional breeding techniques.

Picture of betta breeding container

As for the water used in breeding, the picture above shows a dark appearance. I use fresh, aged water mixed with ingredients from almond leaves and banana leaves. I believe this is the best water for breeding wild bettas. I will not change the water until the babies are big enough.

Release of Betta Smaragdina Spadetail: Update

I apologize for the delay in writing this article, but the bettas were already released into the breeding container 2 weeks ago. They have already produced babies and you can see in the picture below where the container is located.

Picture of small betta farm at home

I will update this post again about further progress in the breeding project. Thank you for following along and stay tuned for the next update on the Betta Smaragdina breeding project.


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