betta Mahachai hybrid

What makes the Betta Mahachai hybrid so special is its unique coloration and body shape. The hybrid has a more splendid green color compared to the original Mahachai, which is already a beautiful fish. The body shape of the hybrid is also stunning, with a perfect spade tail, dorsal fin, and ventral fin that are… Continue reading betta Mahachai hybrid

Mahachai Betta natural habitat

The Mahachaiensis or Mahachai betta fish is very rare and its natural habitat is only found in Thailand, specifically in the areas of Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram, Samut Prakan, and Bang Khun Thian. Therefore, if you come across this fish in Malaysia, it is likely the result of a certain fish breeding release. One of… Continue reading Mahachai Betta natural habitat