Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Madd and I’m a wild betta fish breeder from Malaysia. I specialize in breeding wild betta fish, specifically the Imbellis variety. ..

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Wild betta – where do they come from?

Wild bettas are indigenous to Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. They live in slow-moving or stagnant waters such as swamps, rice paddies, and shallow ponds. These habitats are usually characterized by warm, acidic, and shallow waters. See betta habitat

Betta fish characteristic

This is not just wild bettas, the domestic betta also has a unique is their adaptation to low-oxygen environments. Unlike most fish, they possess a specialized organ called the labyrinth organ, which allows them to breathe air from the surface of the water. This adaptation has allowed them to survive in the often oxygen-depleted waters of their natural habitats.

Types of wild bettas

Wild bettas are a diverse group of fish that belong to different families, each with unique characteristics and adaptations to their environment. However, the most well-known and widely recognized betta fish is from the Splendens family such as betta Imbellis, Smaragdina, Mahachai, Splendens, Siamo, and betta Stiktos.

betta Splendens family

Despite being selectively bred for their vibrant colors and long-flowing fins, domesticated bettas still retain many of the traits and behaviors of their wild ancestors. In their natural habitat, wild bettas are known for their aggressive territorial behavior.

In the wild, different species of bettas have evolved unique adaptations to their specific habitats. For example, some species live in fast-moving streams and have streamlined bodies and powerful fins to help them navigate the currents. Other species inhabit shallow pools and have adapted to survive in low-oxygen environments by developing the ability to breathe air.

original wild betta Imbellis


What Does Original Wild Imbellis Malaysia Look Like?

original wild imbellis

The native Imbellis fish from Malaysia’s natural habitats still retain their original appearance. However, in some areas, the breed has deteriorated due to crossbreeding with foreign species introduced to their environment.

We can distinguish between the original and hybrid varieties with careful observation.

The natural Imbellis typically display a faint coloration under normal conditions. Their color intensifies only when they are stimulated or excited.

Additionally, differences can be noticed in the patterns on their tails and the colors on their lower fins and cheeks, which differ from those of the hybrids.

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