The Finest Arowana Fish from Bukit Merah Farm

Arowana Fish

Bukit Merah, Perak, is home to a hidden gem that has been enchanting aquatic enthusiasts worldwide – the M U Arowana Aquaculture. Nestled within the heart of this vibrant region, this Bumiputera-owned company has made waves in the world of ornamental fish farming and breeding, particularly in the realm of Arowana fish(Kelisa).

For M U Arowana Aquaculture’s Chief Executive Officer, Sahibol Anwar Arba’e, it all began with a fascination for the world’s most exquisite and expensive ornamental fish – the Arowana. With dedication and perseverance, Sahibol has turned his passion into a thriving business venture.

Bukit Merah: The Hub of Arowana Farming

The Arowana fish farming industry is flourishing in the Bukit Merah area of Perak. Among the several species of Arowana cultivated here, including the Kelisa Gold (Golden Arowana), Kelisa Red, Kelisa Green, and Kelisa Silver – stand out as fan favorites. These striking fish varieties have captured the hearts of enthusiasts from around the world.

The Best Price of Bukit Merah’s Arowana

Arowana fish are often seen as living works of art, and their prices reflect their beauty. In the market, a three-inch Arowana fry commands a significant value. For instance, Malaysia Red Gold Arowana fry can fetch prices ranging from RM1,600 to RM2,000, while Red Arowana fry may go for RM1,200 to RM1,500. For those on a budget, Indonesia Gold Arowana fry can be found for approximately RM500.

One particularly sought-after variety is the Malaysian Gold fish, which originates from Bukit Merah, Perak. This is the best Arowana variety from Bukit Merah for most people.

This species is in high demand on the global market, further solidifying Bukit Merah’s status as an Arowana hotspot.

Conservation Efforts

It’s worth noting that the Kelisa fish, a type of Arowana, is listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). This classification underscores the importance of responsible farming and breeding practices to mitigate the pressure on Arowana populations in their natural habitats.

Arowana’s Gourmet Diet

Touching on the aspect of nutrition, Sahibol reveals that Arowana has quite an eclectic palate. In addition to their primary diet of young selling fish, they enjoy supplementary treats such as shrimp, crickets, frogs, and centipedes. These meals are provided twice a day, ensuring their health and vitality.

As the industry continues to flourish in this region, the allure of Arowana fish from Bukit Merah, Perak, continues to grow, leaving an indelible mark on the world of ornamental fishkeeping.

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