The Origin Wild Betta Imbellis: Malaysian Standard

On this day, wild bettas have become more popular and are more readily available at pet stores, even though you can buy them online also. However, it’s not guaranteed that these wild bettas are the original type, I mean it’s not 100% pure blood, as many suppliers engage in crossbreeding to create even more beautiful fish. In Malaysia, many betta enthusiasts prefer to look for the original betta Imbellis in their natural habitat, rather than buying from pet stores. This is because preserving the original breed for future generations is important to many betta lovers.

female wild imbellis original malaysia
female wild Imbellis

I am lucky to be from Malaysia, where wild betta Imbellis, particularly the original betta Imbellis, are found in abundance. Even though some of the lands where they are found have been destroyed due to construction, there are still many places where these beautiful fish can be found. We prefer to catch them by ourselves to make sure we get the original breed for breeding projects

Catching wild betta Imbellis

As I mentioned earlier, to find a pure betta Imbellis we’re not buying them at the pet stores, we’re going to catch them by ourselves.

Luckily, catching wild betta Imbellis is not a difficult task. All you need is a basket, and a couple of plastic bags, and you’re ready to go.

I prefer to use small plastic bags to hold the caught bettas, with one fish per bag, to prevent them from hurting each other while they’re in the temporary container.

catching wild betta Imbellis in swarm malaysia
catch wild betta fish

Tracking betta fish in their habitat

The natural habitat of betta Imbellis is typically a swampland, and the water in these areas is often quite dark. This can make it a bit difficult to spot these fish, but with a little knowledge and patience, it’s definitely possible.

wild betta fish habitat
wild betta habitat in Malaysia

One of the things I look for when trying to find bettas in the wild is puddles of water. Bettas don’t typically swim in high water levels, so I try to focus my search on smaller pools of water where they’re more likely to be found. However, this technique doesn’t always yield good results, especially if there aren’t many bettas in the area. This is called a random catch.

Looking for the bubble nest

The best way to spot wild bettas is by looking for their bubble nests. This technique is more guaranteed to get a fish.

betta fish bubble nest
betta bubble nest in nature

Bettas build these nests as part of the mating process, and the male fish will typically stay close to the nest until their babies are ready to swim on their own. This makes it easy to catch the male fish.

But we catch it with our hands so we’re not going to damage the nest or hurt the babies.

Bringing home

In one search location, I can typically catch around 10 male Imbellis. While this can be tiring and take several hours to complete, it’s worth it to add these unique fish to my collection.

They will cost around $10 each if I sell them, but these fish are for my breeding project.

wild betta Imbellis male original bloodline
Original Male Betta Imbellis Malaysia

The jar is empty

Once I’ve caught the bettas, I bring them home and place them in jars, one fish per jar. It’s essential to make sure the jars are closed tightly so the fish can’t jump out, as wild bettas have a natural ability to do so. I’ve had several instances where I forgot to close a jar, and the fish jumped out.

Taking care of wild bettas can be a bit challenging at first, but after a few days of acclimation, they will eventually adapt to the environment. Overall, the experience of catching wild betta Imbellis is a unique and exciting one. Not only do these fish have a distinct appearance and behavior, but there is also a sense of accomplishment in being able to catch and care for them.

The Competition Specs Of Original Wild Betta Imbellis

In Malaysia, we are dedicated to preserving the pure bloodline of betta Imbellis from extinction. To achieve this goal, numerous betta fish competitions are held annually. Each contestant must showcase the most visually stunning and flawless fish in their respective categories.

When it comes to wild betta, the primary requirement is that the fish be pure bloodline. Judges can determine this by evaluating the fish’s physical characteristics.

As a result, breeders strive to produce the most attractive and authentic wild betta, as there is high demand for these fish. By doing so, the betta Imbellis species can be preserved for future generations.

Treating creatures in a good manner

As advice to our betta fish community, It’s important to remember that these fish are wild creatures and should be treated with respect and care. It’s also important to consider the impact of catching wild bettas on their natural habitats and to only catch what you need for personal use or breeding.

Here is how should we take care of betta fish in an aquarium 


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